Forgiveness in Buddhism

Forgiveness in Buddhism We all know basically what forgiveness is (or at least we think we do) and is encouraged by conscientious parents of their children. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at forgiveness and what we can do to develop a more forgiving mindset when it comes to dealing with others. What is Forgiveness? According to forgiveness is defined as follows: To stop feeling anger toward someone who has done something wrong; to stop blaming To stop feeling resentment against an offender (e.g. to forgive one’s enemies) To give up resentment of (e.g. forgive an insult) … Continue reading

The Four Brahma Viharas

the four brahma viharas

The Four Brahma Viharas The Brahma Viharas are four qualities or Buddhist virtues that are cultivated with meditation practices.  These qualities of the mind and heart are cultivated using mindfulness and insight meditation. In this article I will go over what each of the Brahma Viharas are and what they mean for Buddhists.  I also include passages from the Buddhist sutras that are relevant to the Four Brahma Viharas. Etymology Brahma Vihara is Pali term that is commonly translated as “divine abodes” or “the sublime abodes of Brahma”.  The word brahma means “highest, superior” and the word vihara means “to … Continue reading

Karma in Buddhism

karma in buddhism

Karma in Buddhism Karma is originally an Indian word which has been borrowed by English, but many people don’t really know what it means.  In this article, I’ll define what Karma means in the original context of Buddhism. Karma in the Buddhist context is NOT a kind of fate nor is it some kind of cosmic justice system where everyone gets what they deserve.  This is not a correct view, nor does it make much sense when exposed to the scrutiny of Buddhist logic. I’ve also noticed that some people confuse karma with the effects (or fruits) of karma when … Continue reading

Humility in Buddhism

humility in buddhism

Humility in Buddhism In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the definition and role of humility in Buddhism and what that means for us in our modern world. There is a confused notion that is prevalent today which associated humility with self-deprecation and weakness.  I assure you that it is none of these things but is actually tied to altruism, as we will see later on in this post. Those who are blinded by their own egoism and pride will consider humility to be synonymous with denying your own self-respect but this is not the essence of humility. … Continue reading

Buddhist Views on Death

buddhist views on death

Buddhist Views on Death Recently my mother passed away, so I’ve been contemplating the various Buddhist views on death since I found myself wondering whether or not there is a belief in an afterlife in Buddhism that could help give me and others who are grieving a sense of piece. I think it’s important to understand since all of us will face death someday, whether it be that of a friend, loved one or ourselves.  This is in fact one of the Four Sights that motivated young Siddhartha to pursue a spiritual life.  In this article I will show a … Continue reading