What is Mindfulness in Buddhism?

What is Mindfulness in Buddhism? What does it mean to be mindful?   And what does that mean in the Buddhist context? Mindfulness is a word that seems to have become a popular buzzword, however there may be multiple meanings to the term mindfulness. Essentially, mindfulness can be described as a state of active attention to the present, while we observe our thoughts and feelings from a distance (first person perspective) without judging them but by noticing the thought or feeling and then letting go of it. So while we observe how we are reacting to day to day events, … Continue reading

Buddhas Fourth Noble Truth – The Path Out of Suffering

buddhas fourth noble truth

Buddhas Fourth Noble Truth – The Path out of Suffering As I’ve already mentioned in a previous post, the Buddhas Four Noble Truths can be seen as a process as well as a medical prescription. First Noble Truth – Identifying the Problem of Dukkha Second Noble Truth – Identifying the Causes of Dukkha Third Noble Truth – Prognosis that Dukkha can end Fourth Noble Truth – The therapy (discipline, mindfulness, and meditation) that brings Dukkha to an end and the realization of real unconditional happiness Buddhas Fourth Noble Truth is also known as the Eight-fold Path or the Middle Way … Continue reading

Buddhas Third Noble Truth – The End of Suffering

buddhas third noble truth

Buddhas Third Noble Truth – The Truth of the Cessation or End of Suffering Now that we’ve identified the problem (First Noble Truth) and found the root cause of the problem (Second Noble Truth), we can move on to the Third Noble Truth of the cessation (nirodha) of dukkha (suffering, craving; pronounced doo-ka) which can be seen as the prognosis. Gautama Buddha realized under the Bodhi tree that everything that arises has a cause, no exceptions.  Not only this, but anything subject to arising is also subject to cessation (an end) which also includes dukkha (suffering, craving). Keep in mind … Continue reading

Buddhas Second Noble Truth – The Cause of Suffering

buddhas second noble truth

Buddhas Second Noble Truth – The Cause of Suffering In this article, I’ll take a look at Buddhas Second Noble Truth – the causes or origins of suffering. The Four Noble Truths can be seen as a doctors prescription with the First Noble Truth identifying the problem or malady of suffering, the Second Noble Truth identifies the cause of the malady of suffering, the Third Noble Truth is a prognosis, in that “suffering can end, Nirvana is the cure”, and the Fourth Noble Truth is the medicine or therapy that needs to take place to realize the reality of Nirvana … Continue reading