Shantideva : Way of the Bodhisattva


Shantideva : Way of the Bodhisattva Shantideva was an Indian Buddhist monk and scholar at Nalanda University, who was an adherent of the Madhyamaka (Middle Way) philosophies of Nagarjuna. He lived in the 8th century CE and was born in Saurastra (modern Gujarat) and was the son of King Kalyanavarman, so was part of the Brahmin caste. However, Shantideva didn’t act like the other monks and was purportedly not well liked.  He spent his time sleeping when the other monks were studying.  He also relaxed and dozed in the afternoon sun.  No one ever saw him pick up a book … Continue reading

Alara Kamala – Buddha’s Teacher

Alara Kamala

Alara Kamala – Buddha’s Teacher The Buddha was born to a King and Queen in ancient India and was raised in such a way as to shield him from the suffering of life.  At his birth, a seer predicted that he would either become a great king or a holy man so the King and Queen went to great lengths to ensure that he would become the King and continue the family dynasty. Despite all of their efforts, Siddhartha managed to convince his charioteer to let him see the outside world. On these chariot rides, he saw an old man, … Continue reading

After Buddhism Book Review

after buddhism book review

After Buddhism Book Review Book Title: After Buddhism: Rethinking the Dharma for a Secular Age Author: Stephen Batchelor Publisher: Yale University Press Year Published: 2015 Pages: 400 Paperback Price: $ 20.11 Kindle Price: $14.99 Stephen Batchelor is a renowned Buddhist author, teacher, and scholar from the UK who also routinely writes articles and leads meditation retreats around the world.  He is a noted proponent of agnostic/secular Buddhism. He has studied in Dharamsala, India under Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey and was ordained as a Buddhist monk in the Gelug tradition in 1974.  After this he studied with Geshe Rabten who was residing … Continue reading

The Death of the Buddha

The Death of the Buddha After his enlightenment sitting under a tree at Bodhgaya, the Buddha went on to teach for an additional 45 years before his death.  In this article, I’ll be covering the events and the cause of his death according to modern science based on accounts found in the Buddhist sutras. The main source for the events surrounding the death of the Buddha is the Mahaparanibbana Sutta which belongs to the Pali canon. The Buddha died at approximately 483BC, at the age of 80 in the city of Kusinara (present-day Kushinagar). Buddha’s Last Meal Three months before … Continue reading

Forgiveness in Buddhism

Forgiveness in Buddhism We all know basically what forgiveness is (or at least we think we do) and is encouraged by conscientious parents of their children. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at forgiveness and what we can do to develop a more forgiving mindset when it comes to dealing with others. What is Forgiveness? According to forgiveness is defined as follows: To stop feeling anger toward someone who has done something wrong; to stop blaming To stop feeling resentment against an offender (e.g. to forgive one’s enemies) To give up resentment of (e.g. forgive an insult) … Continue reading