The Heart of Meditation Review

the heart of meditation

The Heart of Meditation Review Book Title: The Heart of Meditation: Discovering Innermost Awareness Author: His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Jeffrey Hopkins Publisher: Shambhala Publications Year Published: 2016 Pages: 168 Paperback Price: $14.85   This is His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s latest book which was released in April 2016.  It was translated into English by Jeffrey Hopkins who served for a decade as an interpreter for the Dalai Lama.  He is a Buddhist scholar who founded the largest academic program in Tibetan Buddhist studies in the West. Dr. Hopkins is the author of over 35 publications on Buddhism, including “Death, … Continue reading

Buddhism on the Couch Review

buddhism on the couch

Buddhism on the Couch Review Book Title: Buddhism on the Couch : From Analysis to Awakening Using Buddhist Pscyhology Author: Caroline Brazier Publisher: Ulysses Press Year Published: 2003 Pages: 322 Paperback Price: $33.16 This book was written by a Buddhist practitioner who is also a psychologist, Caroline Brazier.  Residing in France, she helped found the field of Buddhist psychotherapy with her former husband, psychotherapist David Brazier. She is a senior ordained member of the Amida Order and is also one of the founders of the Amida Trust organization in England. She also offers courses on psychotherapy from the Buddhist perspective. … Continue reading

Karma in Buddhism

karma in buddhism

Karma in Buddhism Karma is originally an Indian word which has been borrowed by English, but many people don’t really know what it means.  In this article, I’ll define what Karma means in the original context of Buddhism. Karma in the Buddhist context is NOT a kind of fate nor is it some kind of cosmic justice system where everyone gets what they deserve.  This is not a correct view, nor does it make much sense when exposed to the scrutiny of Buddhist logic. I’ve also noticed that some people confuse karma with the effects (or fruits) of karma when … Continue reading

Shinji Shobogenzo Review

shinji shobogenzo

Shinji Shobogenzo Review Book Title: Master Dogen’s Shinji Shobogenzo : 301 Koan Stories Author: Dogen Zenji (translated by Soto Zen master Gudo Nishijima) Publisher: Windbell Publications Year Published: 2003 Pages: 385 Paperback Price: $24.96 This is a translation of one of the books written by Japanese Zen master Dogen Zenji (19 January 1200 CE – 22 September 1253 CE) who is the founder of the Soto sect of Buddhism. He was originally a Tendai Buddhist monk (another sect prevalent in Japan) who traveled to China to seek a more authentic version of Buddhism that was closer to what Siddhartha Gautama … Continue reading

Vesak 2016 – Buddhist Holiday

vesak 2016

Vesak 2016 – Buddhist Holiday Vesak (also known as Vesakha, Visaikh Puja, Buddha Purnima, and Buddha Day) is a Buddhist holiday that celebrates Siddhartha Gautama’s birth, enlightenment (nirvana), and death (parinirvana).  This festival typically falls on the full moon in May which falls on May 21, 2016 this year. This holiday is typically observed by Buddhist practitioners of the Theravada tradition and is celebrated widely across Southeast Asia (e.g. India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Phillipines, Singapore, Vietnam, and many others). In contrast, many Mahayana Buddhists particularly in East Asia (i.e. Japan) tend to celebrate the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death … Continue reading