Buddhist Views on Death

buddhist views on death

Buddhist Views on Death Recently my mother passed away, so I’ve been contemplating the various Buddhist views on death since I found myself wondering whether or not there is a belief in an afterlife in Buddhism that could help give me and others who are grieving a sense of piece. I think it’s important to understand since all of us will face death someday, whether it be that of a friend, loved one or ourselves.  This is in fact one of the Four Sights that motivated young Siddhartha to pursue a spiritual life.  In this article I will show a … Continue reading

Bodhicitta in Buddhism – The Mind of Enlightenment

bodhicitta in buddhism

Bodhicitta in Buddhism Bodhicitta in Buddhism is a concept which I will be going into in this article.  The word comes to us from Sanskrit, from the words ‘bodhi’ meaning “awakening” or “enlightenment” and citta which means “mind” or “consciousness” (from the Sanskrit root cit which means “that which is conscious”).  Put them together (pronounced Boh-dee-chee-tah) and you get a translation of “enlightenment consciousness”. Defining Bodhicitta Wikipedia defines Bodhicitta as “a spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment motivated by great compassion for all sentient beings, accompanied by a falling away of the attachment to the illusion of an inherently existing self” … Continue reading

Buddhist Boot Camp Book Review

buddhist boot camp book

Buddhist Boot Camp Book Review Book Title: Buddhist Boot Camp Author: Timber Hawkeye Publisher: HarperOne (HarperCollins Publishers) Pages: 160 Price: $8.11 at Amazon Rating: 4/5 Timber Hawkeye is a longtime student of Buddhism who spent a number of years as a monk in a Tibetan Buddhist temple but he found the ritual and devotional aspects of Tibetan Buddhism to be complicated, so the Lama of the temple suggested that he pursue Zen Buddhism. So he went ahead and left the Tibetan Buddhist temple and joined a Zen monastery instead.  But although he liked the simpler Zen teachings, he still found … Continue reading

Buddhist Five Precepts – Explained

Buddhist Five Precepts – Explained In this article I will be going over the various Buddhist five precepts that are found in various forms of Buddhism.  Not only will I be going over the Five Precepts which form the core morality of Buddhism, but also some of the variations found among various Buddhist schools. Most world religions have their own code of ethics or commandments which are said to have come from deities. If these commandments are not kept, this is considered to be a transgression against the divine, which then results in divine punishment. However, in Buddhism there is … Continue reading

Buddhism Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen Book Review

Buddhism Plain and Simple: The Practice of Being Aware, Right Now, Every Day In this article, I will be reviewing a book named “Buddhism Plain and Simple: The Practice of Being Aware, Right Now, Every Day” by Steve Hagen.  Steve Hagen is a Zen priest residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota who has studied Buddhism for more than 30 years.  Half of these years were spend under the tutelage of Zen Master Dainin Katagiri from whom he received the Dharma Transmission (endorsement to teach). Katagiri Roshi is himself the author of a book on Zen Buddhism named “Returning to Silence: Zen Practice … Continue reading