The Four Brahma Viharas

the four brahma viharas

The Four Brahma Viharas The Brahma Viharas are four qualities or Buddhist virtues that are cultivated with meditation practices.  These qualities of the mind and heart are cultivated using mindfulness and insight meditation. In this article I will go over what each of the Brahma Viharas are and what they mean for Buddhists.  I also include passages from the Buddhist sutras that are relevant to the Four Brahma Viharas. Etymology Brahma Vihara is Pali term that is commonly translated as “divine abodes” or “the sublime abodes of Brahma”.  The word brahma means “highest, superior” and the word vihara means “to … Continue reading

Buddhist Five Precepts – Explained

Buddhist Five Precepts – Explained In this article I will be going over the various Buddhist five precepts that are found in various forms of Buddhism.  Not only will I be going over the Five Precepts which form the core morality of Buddhism, but also some of the variations found among various Buddhist schools. Most world religions have their own code of ethics or commandments which are said to have come from deities. If these commandments are not kept, this is considered to be a transgression against the divine, which then results in divine punishment. However, in Buddhism there is … Continue reading